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30th Anniversary
"Nettle and Markham gave a real treat, showing off their four-hand virtuosity. A unique show which combines tremendous playing with more than a touch of showmanship ..... an impeccable performance" The Observer

"A brilliant British praise could be high enough.....brilliantly fleet and entertaining.....performed with infectious verve and spirit" Music & Musicians

"....a volume and scale of expression comparable to that of an orchestra" The Times

"Corporate brilliance, musical discretion and imaginative precision ......Joie de vivre was very much in the air.....They brought remarkably taut co-ordination and response to the music, and an irresistible sense of fun" Daily Telegraph

"Thrilled with the panache of the artistic tour de force of striking imaginative proportion, performed with a specially notable sense of occasion" Birmingham Post

Nettle & Markham, our classiest two-piano team .... wonderfully eclectic and imaginative .... a two-piano tour de force" Classic FM Magazine

"For sheer exuberance coupled with weighty yet well controlled piano tone, this playing is hard to beat" BBC Record Review

"Nettle & Markham - an excellent, well balanced team throughout the disc - play with sensitivity and panache" Gramophone

"Their playing was finely integrated....appealingly in dialogue and raw energy" New York Times

"Saint-SaŽns 'Carnival of the Animals' was the best performance of the evening. The outstanding sense of rhythm of Nettle & Markham made for music of great vitality. The encore was so fresh and vivid - extraordinarily impressive!" Daily Concert Critique, Tokyo

"We have not heard here until now a piano duo of such exceptional quality. The understanding of the music by both partners is so good that you cannot distinguish by hearing which of them picks up the musical theme. At the same time it is playing full of colour and spontaneous musicality, stirring and ravishing" Vecerni Praha, Prague

"Their technique as pianists is flawless and as duettists their cohesion is phenomenal" Ouest France

"A well deserved triumph for the two British pianists....the excitement in the hall was enormous" Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin

"The most enjoyable interpretation of a Mozart Concerto that this critic has heard in years. Fluent, stylish, witty and incredibly sensitive. Nettle & Markham make everything appear easy but their spontaneous playing consists of thorough technique and intense musicality resembling the telepathy of twins making music" Die Beeld, Johannesburg

"The British pianists brought an extra dimension and a new vitality to the art of two-piano playing. They revealed a complete understanding of the music - its style and its genre - which was enhanced by scintillating technique" Natal Witness, Durban

"Their common sense of rubato gave the music more style and shape than is often achieved by soloists; their phrases stretched and contracted with precisely judged but instinctively determined flexibility and, although there were four hands, one musical mind was in charge" The Advertiser, Adelaide

"An electrifying performance of the Poulenc concerto. Their showmanship was outpaced only by their musicianship" Irish News

"Nettle & Markham played two pianos with a magic that three hundred years ago would have got them burned at the stake" North Wales News